Halifax Wedding Chapel

Maria Osende, Dancer, Artistic Director, Instructor and Chreographer of Maria Osende Flamenco Company in Nova Scotia

Flamenco for Young People Program

Fall 2007 Flamenco Classes
September through December 2007
at the Halifax Ballet Theatre, 2540 Agricola Street, Halifax
Please call Josephine Egan about bursary and class information: [902] 423. 2651. Register now!

Spring 2007: Flamenco for ages 12 to 16
April 14th through June 23rd, 2007, Saturday afternoons 2:20pm
at the Halifax Ballet Theatre, 2540 Agricola Street, Halifax
Instructor: Maria Osende.

community program for children and teenagers Past Flamenco Classes: Winter 2007 [January through March 2007] and Fall 2006 [September through December 2006], Saturday afternoons and Tuesdays evenings

Flamenco Dance Workshops for Youth
at the Halifax Public Library in February 2007

Youth Programs - Workshop
Spring Garden Road Public Library
Saturday February 3rd, 2007 - 2:00 pm
A flamenco dance workshop for ages 8 & up taught by Maria Osende
A fun introduction to flamenco dance for ages 8 and up [parents welcome]. Flamenco dancing consists mainly on stamping your feet on the ground, while moving your arms and torso to the fascinating rhythms of gipsy flamenco music. An empowering dance for all ages. The lecture will include a demonstration performed by the students of the "Flamenco for Young People" a program sponsored by Halifax Wedding Chapel.

Film Flamenco at 5:15 & workshop
Captain William Spry Public Library
Saturday February 10th, 2007 - 2:00 pm
[similar to the one above but only 1/2 hour]

Join us for Flamenco demonstrations and workshop at the Spring Garden Road Public Library February 2nd, 2007 at 2:00 p.m. and at the Captain William Spry Public Library February 10th, 2007 at 2:00 p.m. Demonstration and workshop by Flamenco instructor Maria Osende; performances by Flamenco for Young People sponsored by Halifax Wedding Chapel.

Discover Flamenco!

Flamenco is a unique and simply divine dance form that totally immerses you in a different world. So set the style and express yourself! Flamenco is cool, fun and creative: stamp your feet on the ground to match the fascinating rhythms of gypsy Flamenco music while moving arms and torso.

Immerse yourself in a fascinating culture that showcases one of the richest music styles in the world. Flamenco helps develop a fine sense of musicality, coordination and self-expression. No pre-training in dance is required and is suitable for all ages. Ole!

An opportunity for parents to introduce your child to the beauty and artistry of Flamenco in Fall 2006! Enrich your child's unique creative and cultural experiences while helping them to develop coordination, timing and confidence. Flamenco combines grace and strength with complex footwork. Basic steps can be learned fairly easily and is suitable for all levels of fitness.

In Spring 2007, Flamenco dance workshops for young people ages six to eight, nine to eleven, and twelve to sixteen taught by Maria Osende, will be offered by the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene and Halifax Wedding Chapel.

Sponsors: Flamenco for Young People [Ole! In Motion] is an initiative of the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene and Halifax Wedding Chapel, made possible thanks to a grant from Chebucto West Community Health Board and Active Halifax Communities.

Special Thanks: Robert Rockwell, owner/publisher of Parent-Child Guide Newspaper for printing our Spring 2006 ad larger and in colour.

Much Appreciation and Thanks to: Each and every couple who supports our programs for children and teens through Halifax Wedding Chapel. Your wedding joy brings joy to others too!

Website: www.halifaxweddingchapel.com/ole.html

Flamenco for Young People
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