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Our focus is to help make your wedding a wonderful and spiritual experience! Best of all, your wedding joy will also bring joy to others. We are a non-profit organization, receipts go to non-sectarian programs that serve the community at large especially children, teens, families, and the elderly.

We are here for you and yours. Please consider us as your Spiritual resource for Life. In addition to baptism, marriage, spiritual care and relationship guidance, here are some ways we can help you and your loved ones:

For Couples

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. MBTI inventory administration and professional interpretation [ten hours] by an accreditted psychometrist. Learn about your personality types and how you relate to each other and others. Learn to connect new insights to everyday situations of loving, communicating and working. Recognize and value differences without letting them get in the way of your relationship. [Nominal Fee for Inventory Administration.] spiritual wedding

    "Hello Josephine and Malachy,
    Thanks so much for meeting with us last week to put together such a beautiful ceremony, and discuss potential "glitches" in our relationship, as we had requested. We have come away feeling much stronger and reassured :-) Take care, peace be with you, and have a restful Merry Christmas!" ~Jennifer

    Be inspired... Be loved...

    Be God's Child...


    For Brides and Grooms

  • Let us help you Bring God's Beauty, Joy and Sacredness into Your Wedding. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials and all God's blessings!

  • Love and Marriage: Explore the 100+ ingredients of a growing and onward moving relationship. Words of wisdom to help you enjoy married life and build a good marriage and family together.

  • Heart-to-Heart: We are delighted to help engaged couples and newlyweds prepare for your new life together in any way we can. This includes facilitating heart-to-heart discussions, administering MBTI, conducting spiritual retreats, and organizing Engagement Enrichment and topical seminars. Couples who are embarking on a spiritual quest together and would like a safe avenue to ask all the hard questions and explore spirituality are welcome join us for a series of discussions called "The Seeker". Each meeting starts with a meal together, followed by open-minded dialogue about God, faith, Jesus, love, spirituality and hope. [Free]

    Margot and I were thinking that it would be a good idea to meet with you sometime to chat about marriage issues... we think that a discussion with you could be valuable, and at the same time, we get to know each other better - you and us... We're open to your suggestions on this issue and would also like to meet to discuss the Myers Briggs evaluation. We'll look forward to receiving the "Four Seasons of Marriage" book. Very thoughtful of you. ~ Sincerely, Brennan & Magot

  • For further inspiration, study the Song of Solomon from the bible to revel in the pure essence of human love, God's magnificent gift to married couples. Or study Gary Chapman's New York Times best-seller "The Five Love Languages" to learn strategies to establish deep roots of fulfillment, cultivate joy in your marriage and understand each other's 'love language' [ISBN 1-4143-0989-9]; or read online articles about Marriage such as "The Secret to a Lasting Marriage" at the following link: http://www.crosswalk.com/marriage/. Baptism


  • Child Baptism remains a personal choice of the parents about each of their children. It is a beautiful sacrament and we support it; in particular where it becomes a public affirmation of the family's faith, and can be beneficial to the child through the careful choice of Godparents. We avoid "denominational imprinting": All are baptized "Christian".

  • Adult Baptism - All who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and who have accepted Him, as their personal Lord and Savior should be baptized. Baptism is usually a rite for those who are of a mature, sound mind, and therefore undertaken as soon as possible after a person comes to believe and accept Christ. [Free]

    For New Parents

    Baby Dedication
  • Welcome Little Baby - You are truly a Miracle!
    To share in the joy of a new birth, we are so pleased to present a gift to parents of a newborn. The gift is a card that reads, "Every new life is a new song from God proclaiming that He is still at work in the world and still has plans for our future. May your child's life be a song of praise to the Lord." together with 7 days of devotions from 'Our Daily Bread', the CD with 5 lullabies [Welcome Home; Cradle Song; You're Only Little for a While; I Pray We See Jesus; Close Your Eyes]. We congratulate you on your new bundle of joy and wish to help the entire family stay close to God in both word and song through the early weeks of your child's life. [Complimentary]

  • Baby Blessing or Baby Dedication: Dedicating your child to God is a beautiful act of love for your child; it is also an act of faith by believing that God has a wonderful plan for your child that only he or she can accomplish here and now. The kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Awesome!

    We haven't spoken to you guys since we got married last summer. We just had our baby girl on July 25, 2006!! We have been talking about getting her baptized We would greatly appreciate you getting back to us. We thank you in advance. I've included a few pictures of our new edition. ~Marlene and Donnie

    Spiritual Care

  • Spirituality. Consider us your Spiritual Resource for Life. Please email, call 902.423.2651, or drop by anytime. We provide Spiritual and pastoral care to all who seek it. We can listen, encourage, and provide spiritual direction and support when needed.

  • Jesus' Blueprint for Prayer - Bible Study [5 weeks]. "There was only one thing the disciples asked Jesus to teach them - How to Pray." Using Haddon Robinson's practical and insightful treatment of the Lord's Prayer to guide us, together we'll find the model and pattern to help you craft a meaningful prayer life. You will gain a new perspective and understanding to one of the most beloved passages of the New Testament.

  • The Lord Is My Shepherd - Bible Study [6 weeks]. "One of the most beloved and well-known passages in the entire Bible, the 23rd Psalm is a treasure-trove of hope, encouragement, and peace." Using David Roper's guide, togther we will help enable you to experience rest in a troubled world by exploring the love and tender care of your Shepherd.

    "Dear Josephine,
    thank you so much, your words did brighten my spirit [a few tears came too, maybe I needed to release that way as well]. Things are just so stressful right now. You and your husband are truly amazing people and thank you for everything and I am glad to know that you are there for me to talk to if I so need. Thank you so so much." ~ Monica

  • Inner Peace. One-on-one or small groups participate in a discussion of Ron Hutchcraft's "Peaceful Living in a Stressful World". Sessions involve speaking, writing, doing and listening - the more involved we are in our learning, the better we learn to "live at peace despite life's stress" and gain a deeper understanding of the subject of inner peace.

  • www.i-church.ca - Our intriguing spiritual e-zine that is thoughtful resource to help you connect with God.

    Dialogue: Intellectual stimulating, lively and challenging discussion on faith and any topic that intrigues you . What does it all mean? Look no futher...


    church community programs for children and teenagers Community Programs
    for Youth and Children

  • Exciting 2009 Offerings include 'Sunday Sewing Club', 'Family Jive Time', 'My Spiritual Family Tree', and YouthWorks. Our Community Programs are open to all. We are proud to serve the community at large. For our past programs offerings, please see below. Everyone in the family is welcome to join us!

  • 2007 Offerings included 'Flamenco for Young People!'. For more past programs offerings, please see below.

    Clergy Serving The Community Christian wedding

  • Hospital Visits: Our clergy are active as volunteer community clergy and registered with Capital District Health Authority [Spiritual Care Department]. We provide 24/7 Ministry to the Sick, worship services, spiritual and pastoral care, one-on-one visits, devotions and spend quality time with the elderly in care homes, acute care patients and those receiving palliative care in hospitals. Our clergy is a current member of the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association [CHPCA] and the Nova Scotia Hospice Palliative Care Association [NSHPCA]. At your request, we will also visit your loved ones and pray with you at the IWK, any care home or hospital, and at your home.

    Church of Saint Mary Magdalene
  • Annointing of the Sick: We are available anytime, all the time, for home or hospital visits whether in a one-on-one or a community worship setting. Please call [902] 423.3651.

  • Pastoral Care for the Elderly: Weekly one-to-one personal visits with residents of Continuing Care Centres to minister to the spiritual needs of the elderly, especially those without family or clergy visiting them.

    "Rise in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly and revere your God. I am the Lord." [Leviticus 19:32 from the Bible]

    Funeral and Memorials

    Celebration of Life

    Funerals and Memorials: We are here to serve you regardless of religion, denomination, race, national or ethnic origin, colour, sex, age, or mental or physical disability. We will conduct the Service of Burial of an Adult, the Service of Burial of a Child [including stillborn children] as well as Celebration of Life and Memorial Services. As your Community Clergy, we also provide support as well as referrals in times of need, loss, grief and bereavement. Please call: [902] 423.3651.

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    In the Past...Serving The Community At Large

    Our programs serve the community at large and are all about caring and sharing. Programs are free and open to all.

    • Baby Rag Doll and Marine Life toy drive

    • Cancer Recovery Foundation of Canada donation

    • Remembrance Day 2008
      Commemorative Service with Honour Roll Call, Resident's Choir and readings by residents at a Halifax long-term care home, conducted by Rev. Josephine Egan.

    • Support for Funds Raised for Purchase of Equipment to Test the Hearing of Newborns
      Dear Halifax Wedding Chapel: On behalf of the Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Foundation please accept our heartfelt appreciation for your support of the NHL Old Timers Hockey Challenge that took place in Halifax on January 17th, 2008.
      It is humbling to me that so many in our community are willing to support an event to benefit others. The $10,000 raised for the Old Timers Hockey Challenge was used towards the purchase of equipment to test the hearing of newborns...Thank you once agin.

    • Remembrance Day 2007
      Commemorative Service with Honour Roll Call and readings by residents at a Halifax long-term care home, conducted by Rev. Josephine Egan.

    • Little Friends 2007
      Sharing and Caring: young children and the elderly sing, play and make crafts together at a Halifax long-term care home.

    • Community Meeting Space
      Thank you! Dear Malachy and Josephine Egan,
      Thanks for providing a group of tired and wet cyclists with such an awesome place to stay.
      Your kindness & generosity are really appreciated.
      The Otesha Project Maritimes & East Coast Tour 2007

    • Recognition for Volunteer Service
      Presented to Josephine Egan in recognition of your exemplary dedication to volunteer service and to G. Lodge. This certificate is awarded June 11, 2007. "Touching Lives & Lifting Spirits". Another certificate awarded 2008.

    • Flamenco Classes for ages 12 to 16: Spring 2007 and Fall 2006 [April 14th through June 23rd; September through December 2006]. Demonstration by Flamenco For Young People students at "Flamenco Dance Workshops for Youth" at the Spring Garden Road Halifax Public Library Saturday February 3rd, 2007 at 2:00 pm

    • Christmas Toys 2006
      Toys purchased, wrapped and given to the IWK Health Centre for anonymous dissemination to children who were spending Christmas at the hospital.

    • Transportation and bursaries
      Assistance provided to youth participating in the Flamenco for Young People program.

    • Back to School 2006/7
      Used clothes and school supplies for needy children. God is Love

    • Love your Neighbour
      Groceries, baby care, community meals, Christmas dinner and help for the less fortunate.

    • Scholarships: Fall 2006 and Fall 2005
      Scholarships to students embarking on studies to develop their skills and ability to serve God. Our gifts are free with no strings attached.

      July 19, 2006
      To the Church of St. Mary Magdalene,
      We are enclosing letters of thanks from the G. College Foundational Program students who were enabled to participate in this program during the 2005-2006 school year because of your generosity in providing half-tuition scholarships for them. It would not have been possible for any of them to attend G. College without financial aid, and we could not have offered them the aid they needed without your help. We had a remarkable fruitful year with this particular class. The scholarship students also made valuable contributions to the class sessions that added to the learning experiences of their classmates. And we have no doubt that what they gained, they will continue to share with others, in their churches and in the world around them. It was a delight for our staff members to teach and mentor these scholarship recipients. There are not enough words to say how grateful we are to you for making all of this possible! We pray that God will continue to prosper your ministry, as he has prospered ours through you.
      In Christ's love,
      Board and Staff of G. College

    • Flamenco for Young People
      Our "Ole! In Motion" grant application has been successful! The Church of Saint Mary Magdalene has been selected to receive funding from the Chebucto West Community Health Board [Capital District Health Authority Community Development Fund]; and Active Halifax Communities is contributing 38% to this grant.

      This pilot project aims to provide children and youth with creative options for recreation and physical activity through a series of Flamenco workshops taught by a professional instructor. This project makes cultural and educational activities accessible to children and youth ages five to thirteen in their own community and will take place in 2006 from April through July and September through December. Transportation provided by Church of Saint Mary Magdalene and Halifax Wedding Chapel. To Register or Apply for Bursaries, please contact Josephine at 423.2651 or email

      Fall 2006 Flamenco for Young People dance workshops for ages 7 to 11 were held once a week for twelve weeks on Saturdays, starting September 16 to December 16, 2006. September 16 to December 12 [12 weeks] - Saturdays 4:30 - 5:30 pm [1 hour]. Location: Dance Studio at 14 Purcell's Cove Road, Halifax

      Spring 2006 Flamenco dance workshops were held once a week for ten weeks in the dance studio at 14 Purcell's Cove Road in Halifax, starting April 3 to June 19 on Mondays 3:15 to 4:00 p.m. for young people ages 5-7 and Mondays 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. for ages 8-13.


    • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator [MBTI] for women in need
      MBTI workshops for women in distress and in need of encouragement and direction [second stage shelther/housing] to help them identify their character and temperament types. This help women uncover their potential and key strengths at a time when they have to take charge of their lives and decide the direction their lives will take.

    • Discussion Groups: Spring/Summer 2005
      Wednesdays 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm in the Community Room at Sobey's Herring Cove Road Place. Topics include: compassion in action, advocate justice and equality for all, end to violence and poverty, and freedom of speech and thought. Other mind-provoking topics include: "Mary Magdalene, the woman who embraced Jesus" and "Popes, prophecies and the end of times".

    • Art Gallery of Nova Scotia: February 22, 2005
      Art Educators from AGNS present an Art Lesson on Colours! Open to Children ages 0-6 and Parents/Caregivers. Free! Each child in attendance also received a free gift of one child-sized musical instrument or an art kit, as part of the Art & Music Initiative of the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene. Tuesday, February 22, 2005 from 10:00 am - 12:00 noon at Community Room, Sobey's Herring Cove Road Place.

    • Art and Music Initiatives: Spring 2005
      Parents/caregivers enjoy coffee and snacks in a relaxed environment while children ages 0-6 engage in creative art activities, music and movement, stories/books, and making their own Art Book. Children will also be introduced to the music of famous composers and fine art masterpieces. Drop-in Art & Music Playgroup: Tuesdays, February 8 and 22 and March 8 from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon in the Community Room at Sobey's Herring Cove Road Place. Organized by Church of Saint Mary Magdalene.

    • Art & Music Enrichment: Winter/Spring/Early Summer 2004
      Hands-on activities to help children, their parents/caregivers, grow in their appreciation of fine art and music. Children will enjoy the opportunity to explore music, visual art, and their own creativity with supplied art materials. Venue: Musquodoboit Harbour HRM Office [Back Room], Wednesdays 3 pm to 5 pm Every 3rd and 4th Wednesday of the month - January to June 2004. An initialtive of the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene.

    • The Seeker: Winter 2004
      An avenue for people interested in exploring spirituality and the meaning of life to explore issues and discuss spirituality in a relaxed non-threatening atmosphere. Each evening started with a meal together. This initiative was started in response to the need of many people who at some time in their lives start a spiritual quest but may not have an avenue to explore issues.

    • Toy Drive: Christmas 2003
      Toys purchased, wrapped and given to the Salvation Army for dissemination to needy children.

    • Art & Music Appreciation Project: Fall 2003
      In March 2003, the Art & Music Appreciation Project in Musquodoboit Harbour area received a Neighbourhood Building Grant from United Way's "Success By 6". This very well-attended program was held at The Musquodoboit Harbour Public Library. The Church of Saint Mary Magdalene matched funding received, executed the program between September 17 to November 19, 2003, and provided services free of charge. Neighbourhood Grant funding helped support the group in introducing fine art and music to young children and their caregivers as part of a playgroup in Musquodoboit Harbour. Youth from the community were engaged as assistant art facilitators.

    • Young Performing Artists: Spring/Summer 2003
      Calling all talented Young Performing Artists! If you can sing, act, play musical instruments, dance, juggle, recite poems or rhymes, paint, or clown around (slapstick); and you enjoy an appreciative audience... Then This is Your Chance! Share Your Talents with Residents@The Birches! SPRING 2003 SERIES: March 15, April 6 & 27, May 11, June 1 & 29, 2003. Our much heartfelt thanks to Michelle, Thomas, Nasara, Becky, Rachel, Evan, Carleigh, Carolann, Cindy, and Yvonne, for sharing your musical, dance and singing talents with The Residents!

    • Outreach and Ministries
      We actively seek out ways to make a difference in people's lives. Our outreach ministries and innovative initiatives that respond to the needs of individuals or groups within the community include:

      • spiritual and pastoral care to all who seek it;

      • encourage young people to share their talent and engage in acts of kindness;

      • art and music appreciation and enrichment programs for children age 0 to six and parents/caregivers;

      • providing anyone on a spiritual quest with an avenue to ask questions, explore spirituality and discover the meaning of life;

      • visiting and spending quality time with the elderly and sick at care homes and hospitals;

      • spiritual and emotional support during time of grief, loss, suicide and extended illness; and

      • help those in distress and counsel the one who has suffered.


      Recommendations: Faith, Character and the Young

    • Spirituality and Inspiration for Girls 8 to 12: "It only took a split second to change everything for 13-year-old Bethany Hamilton. But Bethany's courage, character, and faith in God became stronger after she lost her arm to a shark. In this book of devotions and prayers, Bethany shares with young girls her courage and enthusiasm for God, inspiring them to face life head-on and be strong in their faith." "Bethany's calmness, courage and faith in God helped her to survive the trauma, face losing her arm, and move on with her life. Within weeks of the attack, she was back in the water surfing. Within months, she was competing in a surfing contest. Bethany has used her experience to tell others about her faith and the loving God she serves. She is an inspiration to everyone who hears her story." - Zonderkidz

      We strongly recommend 'Rise Above: a 90-day devotional' written by Bethany Hamilton with Doris Rikkers [ISBN-10: 0-310-71226-2] from the Zonderkidz Soul Surfer Series. If you would like to track down this book and find inspiration in Bethany's story, please write to josephine@saintmarymagdalene.ca: we would love to help!

    • Yeshua's Courageous Arts ~ A creative journey for children and parents: create, count, calculate, measure, cook, clean and make crafts; engage in critical thinking, creative writing and problem-solving; reading for meaning and comprehension; conduct character studies and examine Christian values. Two groups for children ages five to seven and seven to nine. [No Charge]

      Parenting with Passion!

    • Online Resources for Parents - We hope these links will take you to helpful resources for family life and ways to make learning fun!

    • 2008 Summer Projects for Kids - Try something New or to Learn a New Skill - the whole family can join in!
    • UpToTen.com - The Fun Place To Learn Online
    • www.crosswalk.com/parenting
    • www.christianitytoday.com/parenting
    • www.vtaide.com/png/index.htm
    • Educational and Spiritual Resources: Join our library and borrow books and CDs. Art books for children and teaching resources are also available. [Free Membership]

    • Humour: 7 reasons not to mess with a child

    Coast-to-Coast Spiritual Care and Marriage Officiants

  • National Network of Clergy - Count on us as your dedicated, caring cross-denominational clergy coast-to-coast: Halifax, Sydney, Toronto, Kingston, London, Chatham, St. Thomas, Kitchener, Waterloo, Niagara Falls, North Bay, Sturgeon Falls, Vancouver and everywhere in between.

    Toronto Rev. Rudy Heezen
    Kingston Rev. Connie Howes


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