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Planning Your Ceremony

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My heart is like a singing bird
Whose nest is in a watered shoot;
My heart is like an apple tree
Whose boughs are bent with thickset fruit;
My heart is like a rainbow shell
That paddles the halcyon sea;
My heart is gladder than all these
Because my love is come to me.

Christina Rossetti 1830-1894

wedding vows To Love and To Cherish

Many couples find the traditional exchange of vows and rings profoundly moving and eternal. Others are inspired to combine tradition with unique contemporary dedications of love and commitment while other couples choose to write their own wedding vows to convey their feelings for each other and to express the love that unites them. Whatever you choose depends upon what best suits your personalities and are, of course, beautiful and special ways to express your love and promises to one other.

Involving Children

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There are many meaningful ways for couples to include their children in their wedding ceremony: in the lighting of the Unity Candle, as a reader, as an attendant and witness, or as the ring bearer or flower girl. Some couples choose to give their child a ring or small gift immediately following the exchange of rings and vows, together with a hug and perhaps say a short statement letting the child know that he or she also is now part of the new family. Children can also escort the bride forward and give the bride away - this role is usually reserved for the father; but nowadays both mother and father together, stepfather, relatives, or children can play this important role.

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Involving Family and Friends

Some couples pass the flame to represent the unity and support of family and friends for their marriage while others break bread and share wine as a act of sharing and caring. Couples can also give special recognition to their mothers: they may involve mothers in the Unity Candle ceremony; read something special to their mothers; or give their mothers each a bouquet of flowers or a rose as a token of their love and appreciation. Couples are welcome to invite friends and relatives to do readings, present a commendation, light candles, share their musical and vocal talents, etc.


wedding location halifax Meaningful Traditions

Couples are welcome to include the lighting of the Unity Candle in their wedding ceremony to symbolize the union of two lives. Brides and grooms can invite their mothers or fathers to come forward to light the bride's candle and groom's candle while others present their mothers with roses during the ceremony. Friends and family are welcome to light candles to represent their unity in supporting the couple in their marriage. Some couples break bread and share wine as an act of sharing in a modern or traditional version of the age-old Eucharistic tradition.

Unity Candle Ceremony

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The unity candle symbolizes the very essence of the wedding ceremony. Two taper candles, representing the couple as individuals, are used to light a single center candle as a visible symbol of their commitment to each other. The centre candle is also called the 'Marriage Candle'. The bride and groom can have their parents [often the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom] come forward to light the side tapers as a symbol of the two families coming together as one. At this point, some couples choose to present their mothers with a rose. If you wish, the best man and the maid of honor, other representatives of each family, or the officiant can light the tapers. Or, you may light the tapers yourselves from a candle on the altar. If children are involved, there is an additional smaller candle for each child. The Bride and Groom light these candles, and then all together light the center Unity Candle. Couples who would like to honour the memory of loved one may wish to light a memorial candle.



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Couples who are not familiar with traditional religious customs, but would like to honour their marriage vows and make spirituality a meaningful part of the ceremony, are welcome to discuss an alternative order of service with our officiants. Officiants will gladly guide you and help you decide how to personalize rites or religious elements in ways that you find meaningful. For example, couples may want to include the lighting of a Unity Candle in the wedding ceremony to symbolize the union of two tives. Or the bride and groom can present a beautiful rose to each other, giving recognition to the new and honourable title of "Husband and Wife".

Borrowing from native spiritual traditions, couples are most welcome to invite two or four sponsors chosen by the bride and groom to help the couple throughout their marriage by giving the couple spiritual and marital guidance should the need arise. Sponsors for this role can be a married couple[s] whom the bride and groom admire and hold in high esteem.

Christian Marriage Service

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Couples planning a traditional Christian wedding ceremony are welcome to include a full nuptial Mass, complete with the Eucharist as an affirmation of faith and celebration of thanksgiving to God. Holy Communion [The Lord's Supper] should be included as part of the wedding ceremony by all practising Christians. You will receive a copy of the order of service when you book your wedding; alternative order of service can be discussed with the officiating priest. The choice of readings, hymns and music is yours. [The organist will require a consultative meeting to discuss your special music.]



First Things First...

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Two of the most important things you need to do once you have finalized your wedding date are: book the Officiant and reserve the ceremony site. You can reach us day and night at 423.2651 or email info@halifaxweddingchapel.com. We will be delighted to discuss your marriage service with you. Please complete our Register of Marriage Form and return it when you book [it is a generic form and it is not necessary to answer every question]. You can submit it online or return a hardcopy. This information is for your church marriage certificate and our Register of Marriage. You can choose readings for your ceremony; write your wedding vows [if you choose]; and arrange to have music for the ceremony. You must obtain a marriage license. Other important things to do: prepare the necessary documents if you intend to change your name; and after your ceremony, order certified copies your "Registration of Marriage" document within fifteen to twenty working days.

Obtaining a Marriage License

A Marriage Licence must be purchased before two people can marry in the Province of Nova Scotia. The licence does not mean that you are married, but that you may get married. A licence can be purchased by appointment from a Deputy Issuer or from Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations during regular business hours. Couples who live outside the Province of Nova Scotia can easily make a long distance application to obtain a Nova Scotia marriage license. Only one member of the couple needs to apply for the licence, but you will be asked to provide identification and proof of age for both the bride and groom. Information required with identification will include: minister halifax

The provincial fee for a marriage licence is $115.94 and there is a five day waiting period between the day of application for the license and the date of issuance. The license expires one year from the date issued, unless a marriage is performed as authorized, so purchase your marriage license accordingly. For more information, call HRM Marriage Licenses at [902] 490.4000 or visit the Service Nova Scotia web information page. Additionally, officiants would require you to produce the following documents:

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In the province's "Registration of Marriage" document, you are required to provide genealogy information including fathers' given names, mothers' maiden name and given names, and parents' place of birth. Please complete our register of marriage in order for us to print items 4 to 27 on this very important legal document ahead of time.

We will register your marriage with the Province of Nova Scotia [Vital Statistics]. You will receive our church marriage certificate on the day of your wedding. We strongly suggest that you order a certified copy your provincial "Registration of Marriage" document, for your own records, in approximately twenty working days [5-6 weeks]. For more information on how to apply online or in person, please refer to The Vital Statistics Division of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations website. marriage union Halifax



We will be delighted to officiate at your location of choice, anywhere in the Province of Nova Scotia. The possibilities are endless...

Our officiants have and are scheduled to performed marriages at:

We are honoured to serve as your wedding officiant at your location of choice or at our lovely chapel... absolutely anywhere else your hearts' desire! Simply let us know if you need more ideas for a unique setting for your wedding ceremony, we can help! Some ideas to consider for your wedding location: wedding venue nova scotia

The adventurous, on the other hand, may prefer to take the plunge literally with a bungee or parachute jump together. Any extreme activity should take place after the final blessing, and introduction of the bride and groom. Please remember that the more exotic locations - aboard an offshore oilrig for example - will doubtless come with certain hidden costs that may require some very serious consideration. For fresh air locales, you will want to reserve at least one tent; or have an alternate, indoor location as a backup.

outdoor wedding locations To book the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site of Canada for an outdoor wedding ceremony please contact Danielle Renault of Parks Canada. For provincial sites, you can refer to Nova Scotia Provincial Parks and Beaches for booking requirements, or contact the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources. To explore all the city and surrounding area has to offer please visit: Halifax. To book a designated HRM park site for your outdoor wedding ceremony, you can contact HRM's Outdoor Facility Scheduling Office or view Weddings in HRM . Within Halifax Regional Municipality [HRM], the following parks sites are available to you 10 am to 7 pm, May to October:


Cross-Cultural and Ethnic Celebrations brides 2009

Contemporary weddings that blend two or more cultures may be as subtle as a couple with Irish and Scottish heritage, or as dramatic as a couple who grew up on different continents. We have also been very fortunate to have been included in very inspiring and amazing wedding celebrations such as traditional Ukranian, Polish, Jewish, Chinese, etc.

Some couples choose to blend their heritages together for a totally unique ceremony and a special experience for everyone attending. Your heritage and personalities are what makes you unique: it is also a gift you can share with your guests and a way to unite families together. Let your wedding an extra special experience for everyone attending!

We have celebrated bilingual ceremonies in Spanish-English and French-English; and been priviledged to help couples deliver their wedding vows in Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Polish, French, Portuguese, Mandarin, Cantonese... Many of the most touching and beautiful readings we have ever encountered were poems and blessings composed by the parents of the Bride and Groom in their mother tongue.

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Contemporary and Creative Celebrations

We offer you maximum flexibility to allow you to plan your wedding ceremony the way you wish it. Whether you focus on the love that unites you, infuse elements of your cultural background into your wedding ceremony or honour family traditions, our officiants, who have traveled and lived the world over, will be delighted to help you design your ceremony. For a contemporary or a traditional wedding ceremony with a twist of modernity, include some of the world's most Romantic Readings that speak of the love you share. We will be very happy also to officiate ethnic wedding ceremonies at the chapel or on location.

Our simple request is for you and your guests to remember that, no matter how the service is structured, our Creator is present with us and must be accorded all due respect.

For Those who March to the Beat of a Different Drum...



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General Chronology of Events

Location outside of Church building will dictate variances and modifications. Some stages are non-essential and modifications can be made.


A Few Suggestions for Music, Readings and Prayers...

Wedding Music

Romantic Readings


Sacred Arias and Choruses wedding music halifax

Sample Selection of Scripture Readings


Keepsakes wedding ceremony nova scotia

In addition to your legal documents and church certificate, you may special order a deluxe 12"x12" marriage certificate [also suitable for framing] along with the Brides' Keepsake Bible. You may also wish to have your own keepsake Unity Candles ready to light on your special day. Some couples choose to print programs for their wedding ceremony; have wedding guests sign and write thoughtful words in a guest book or on a photo mat surrounding your favorite engagement or wedding picture; or to publish announcements in the local newspaper.


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