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101 WAYS TO SAY 'I DO' - Reverend vows to represent couple's spiritual beliefs

May 15, 2008 01:09

Rev. Josephine Egan is thrilled to help Marry Me, Halifax couple Michelle LeBlanc and Tony Wood design the perfect ceremony for their big day.

"It was important to me to involve the girls, so I love the candle ceremony," LeBlanc says. "Even though we're already a family, this is another way to celebrate the fact that we're making if official.

The mothers of the bride and groom, LeBlanc and Wood, as well was their two daughters, Ashley, 13, and Anna, 1, will light candles during the ceremony to represent the eternal flame of their family.

"Ashley's going to light the candles for her and Anna because Anna's too young to play with matches," LeBlanc laughs.
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Michelle and Tony's ceremony in the Compass Room, Casino Nova Scotia. Photo Credit: Tarrah Mills Photography 902.441.5526 www.tarrahmills.ca

No matter what the religious or cultural situation, the Halifax Wedding Chapel marriage officiants are honoured to officiate at your location of choice, or at their chapel at 2 Auburn Ave., in Halifax. Officiants are licenced by the province to perform spiritual, non-denominational and Christian marriage ceremonies.

Egan offers you maximum flexibility for you to plan your wedding the way you wish it in the setting of your dreams. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination: on the beach, in a park, at a hotel or resort, or in your own home. Or, like the Marry Me couple, in the stunning Compass Room at Casino Nova Scotia.

Brides and grooms are welcome to include meaningful traditions and spirituality into their ceremony, as well.

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Photo Credit: Tarrah Mills Photography www.tarrahmills.ca

"I was raised Catholic, so I wanted to incorporate some aspect of religion into the ceremony," LeBlanc explains. "So we will be using some readings from the Bible to reflect my background."

LeBlanc and Wood chose a traditional celebration and blessing of marriage with an upbeat modern twist to celebrate love, friendship, romance, unity and family, Egan explains. This liturgy, which originates from the Mass tradition, is one of Halifax Wedding Chapel's most popular ceremonies. A wonderful ceremony captures the true magic and beauty of two people together and celebrate the relationship. Egan will work with you to ensure that your ceremony is a beautiful reflection of your values, spiritual beliefs, hopes and dreams, as well as a joyful proclamation of your commitment and your emotional and spiritual connection in heart, body and mind.

Many couples find the traditional exchange of vows and rings profoundly moving and eternal. Others are inspired to combine tradition with unique contemporary dedications of love and commitment while other couples choose to write their own wedding vows to convey their feelings for each other and to express the love that unites them. Whatever you choose depends upon what best suits your personalities and are, of course, beautiful and special ways to express your love and promises to one other, Egan explains.

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For Metro Halifax
May 20, 2008

Tears of joy flowed as Marry Me, Halifax, winning couple Tony Wood and Micheele LeBlanc said their vows at Casino NOva Scotia on Saturday. After weeks of planning and preparation, all with the input of Metro Halifax readers and Marry Me, Halifax, sponsors, the couple said "I do" during an emotional ceremony before an audience of 120 friends and loved ones.

About 120 guests seated in elegant white chairs with ocean-blue sashes formed a circle around the bride and groom. Tony and Michelle exchanged vows and rings at the centre of the round room with officiant Josephine Egan making it all official.

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Photo Credit: Tarrah Mills Photography www.tarrahmills.ca


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David Evans and his fiancee Jessica Roche hold a wedding dress rehearsal with Rev. Josephine Egan at the Saraguay Club yesterday.
Photo Credit: Jon Tattrie for Metro Halifax

August 08, 2008 05:00

Halifax couples who are lucky in love are looking to lock that in with some Chinese good fortune today.

In Cantonese, the iconic character for the number eight also sounds like "good luck," so today's date - 08-08-08 - bodes well for those matrimonially inclined. (It's also why the Chinese Olympic Games are opening today.)

Rev. Josephine Egan knows how lucky it is: 08-08-08 is her 38th birthday. The minister, who runs the Halifax Wedding Chapel with her ordained husband, says shes marrying several couples today.

Among the fortunate few are David Evans and Jessica Roche.

The Halifax couple has a knack for memorable dates: they got engaged on Valentine's Day last year.

"I think the whole seven years have been lucky," Roche, 24, said of her courtship with Evans.

"I remember (meeting him) and saying, 'Hes the one I'm going to marry.' It was love at first sight."

"(08-08-08) was David's decision. His main concern was he wanted to remember the date," the sign-language teacher said.

"He would probably tell you (it was romantically motivated)," she joked.

"Its going to be very easy for me to remember down the road," explained Evans, a 31-year-old auto-broker. "Oh yeah, and absolutely it bodes well."

Rev. Egan, who is of Malaysian-Chinese origin, says her parents couldn't believe their good fortune when she was born.

"I think they thought they were lucky at the time," she laughs. "Because the Chinese lunar calendar is behind, I was also born on the seventh day of the seventh month, so they were over the moon!"

Hundreds of weddings are expected to take place across Canada. Many couples married on 07-07-07 last year. It remains to be seen if 09-09-09 proves as popular.

Article in Duly Noted Wedding Guide - Winter 2006/2007 issue

Please enjoy our article in Duly Noted; photographs courtesy of Adams Photography Services. The Duly Noted Wedding Guide is published by Duly Noted Stationery, 6224 Quinpool Road, Halifax, NS B3L 1A3.


Your wedding ceremony is the most important part of your entire wedding plans, and should be given the most careful consideration and preparation. It is during the ceremony that you give yourself fully to each other in the sacred relationship of husband and wife. The words of your ceremony proclaim and celebrate your emotional and spiritual bond as well as your legal commitment to each other. The most memorable ceremonies speak of a couple's personal and spiritual beliefs, hopes and dreams - ones that speak their hearts.

Here is where caring and sincere marriage officiants who are specialized cross-denominational clergy come in: taking what is in your hearts and expertly weaving it into your wedding ceremony so as to reflect both your uniqueness and everything you hold near and dear.

Spiritual and Meaningful

Your wedding ceremony can be spiritual and meaningful whether you are taking your vows on a beautiful beach with the sand under your feet, within the sanctuary of church and chapel, or at any desired location. Special readings, prayers and blessings can respect both the spirituality and faith heritage of the couple while a bilingual ceremony respects your blended cultural heritage. You can also "borrow" meaningful customs and rituals from other traditions, whether Celtic, Native, African-Canadian, Oriental, European, etc. Certainly the Irish Blessing and Navajo Wedding Blessing have graced many a non-Irish and non-Navajo wedding ceremony! Many of the well-known wedding traditions, vows and blessings that celebrate the connection between the bride and groom to God have Christian or Jewish roots.


Some of the ways to incorporate meaningful traditions and spirituality into your wedding ceremony include: the lighting of the unity candle; a scripture reading about the greatest of all spiritual gifts: love [1 Corinthians 13:4-13, Colossians 3:12-17, John 15:9-12 or Mark 10:6-9 in the Bible]; passing the flame to represent the unity and support of family and friends; prayers in memory of loved ones; Holy Communion, and the Blessing of a Family where parents can be asked to signify their blessing but the children of the couple, brothers or sisters, or the closest friends can also be asked, depending upon the family relationships that exist.

A Family Affair

In a marriage, a new family is created. Where families are "blending", it is appropriate to specially recognize each child or adult family member by name. Children can participate in the unity candle lighting ceremony where the bride and groom light an additional smaller candle for each child. Mothers of the bride and groom can be invited to light the bride and groom's candles. New and expectant parents find it very meaningful to bless their baby as they vow to be faithful and loving parents to their child. These are all heartfelt ways to personalize your wedding ceremony and recognize the people who mean the most to you.

Wedding Vows

The one most sacred aspect of the marriage ceremony where couples to speak their hearts, hopes and dreams directly to each other is the wedding vows. Personalizing your vows gives a special meaning to the ceremony and is a beautiful way to express the love and feelings that you have for each other. To celebrate your love and each other, you can rely on beautiful, time-tested traditional wedding vows or you may want something different and unique that fits your personalities and reflects your relationship. You can both say the same vows, or you can say completely different ones. You can also ask your friends and family to participate in your wedding vows. If you are writing your own vows, you will find that it does take time and effort but the end result will be something that you will cherish for the rest of your lives. When you know your personal and spiritual beliefs, hopes and dreams, you can speak your hearts and start to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Author: Rev. Josephine Egan. Published 2006/2007

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Liturgy - the choice is yours!

A number of years ago we were approached by a groom-to-be with regard to officiating at his wedding. It is usually the bride who is the first point of contact, and when we finally met it was obvious that there had been some serious stumbling blocks upon the road to formalizing the state of married bliss.

In this instance, our groom's problem transpired to be a common one, but with an uncommon side effect. John had grown up rather casually aligned to the Anglican Church, he did not attend church; in addition, he had been divorced quite a number of years ago. His bride to be, Jennifer, was never married and her Spiritual connection was to the Eastern Orthodox Church. Now, the Anglican reaction to divorce can be reconciliatory [depending somewhat on the local priest and bishop]; however, the Eastern Orthodox Church, which is in full communion with Rome, has very strict rules which require at best a lengthy ecclesiastical trial: a procedure leading to a possible annulment of the previous marriage, which the church considered an impassable impediment to John and Jennifer's upcoming nuptials.

Our church, Saint Mary Magdalene, Halifax is part of Abba Ministries of Canada, a unique group of Christian volunteer clergy, whose philosophy can be summed up quite simply: we are inclusive and non judgmental, so when it comes to weddings we respect the bride's wishes and we work with the couple to ensure that their Spiritual needs are satisfied. traditional wedding Halifax

Betrothal and Crowning

In truth, Jennifer did not consider herself very 'churchy' either, but she did have a deep spiritual connection to God, and that connection was defined by the Eastern Rite, which she had grown up with.

From our own perspective at Saint Mary Magdalene, we are often approached by couples who feel that they are either not entitled to a 'church wedding', or who believe that their only option is a civil ceremony. Not so, there is no copyright on liturgy and, in our humble opinion, far too many couples are turned away by this church or that; often on the flimsiest pretext.

Both of our active clergy are from the Mass tradition: Roman Catholic and Church of Ireland and so are not strangers to the Sacrament of Marriage and the Nuptial Mass from either of those Churches; in fact; one of our most popular ceremonies is that which we call 'Christian Short Form', a traditional Anglican, Catholic, Lutheran marriage ceremony without the Eucharist [Holy Communion], but the Eastern Orthodox Rite is very, very different.

Jennifer, John and their immediate family attended our church the night before their wedding for a private pre-nuptial mass. The next day their betrothal took place in the Narthex of the church, just inside the great door, complete with triple blessings and prayers. A beautiful touch was an ancient crucifix from Russia: an icon that belonged to Jennifer's babushka: her grandmother. After the betrothal and the exchange of rings Jennifer and John processed to the main altar, led by the officiating priest; here, their hands were bound together by a traditional rushnyk [embroidered cloth] and the heads were crowned with wreaths of myrtle. Carrying lighted tapers, the priest led them thrice around the altar, joining them body and soul for ever in the presence of God.
Christian spiritual wedding Halifax
This was a beautiful, moving ceremony, and a fitting beginning to this couple's life together as husband and wife. Above all, it was what they wanted: it was their tradition and they were happy and comfortable with it.

This must be every bride's right: on her special day nothing and nobody has the right to stand in the way. Those whom God has brought together, let no man stand in judgment of them, and once they are married let no man put them asunder!

Author: Rev. Malachy Egan. Published 2006/2007

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Rev. Josephine Egan has a remarkable capacity for caring deeply about people and works selflessly to develop charitable programs for underprivileged children. Josephine and Rev. Malachy Egan serve as the dynamic husband and wife team behind Halifax Wedding Chapel and Church of Saint Mary Magdalene, non-profit organizations serving the community.

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Marry your true love in the setting of your dream...

Christian spiritual wedding Halifax

The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination. Non-denominational, spiritual, contemporary, traditional and custom-designed marriage services to suit your personal style. From elegant personalized wedding ceremonies to classic Christian liturgy, call upon the expertise of our marriage officiants to make your ceremony one to remember, at our lovely chapel or at your location of choice.

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Halifax Wedding Chapel and Marriage Officiants

A unique service offering engaged couples maximum flexibility to plan their wedding the way they wish. Whether intimate or on a grand scale, formal or casual, couples have choice of location and time, a selection of marriage ceremony options, and our assistance to create a memorable wedding ceremony.

Marry your true love beneath spectacular vaulted cedar beams, or anywhere your hearts' desire. Our beautiful Chapel and Marriage Officiants are available year round, day or night, every day of the week (except Good Friday). Our thoughtful Marriage Officiants take the extra effort to personalize each ceremony with specially requested elements so that your ceremony is as unique as you are! Best of all, because we are a charity and a non-profit organization, our proceeds go to non-sectarian programs for children and teens in the community at large. So you wedding joy will bring joy to others too!

Halifax Wedding Chapel, located at 2 Auburn Avenue in Halifax, seats 100 guests plus a large wedding party. We offer non-denominational, spiritual, contemporary and traditional marriage services to suit your personal style. Chapel weddings include officiant [ordained minister], chapel decorations, and as many consultations as necessary by email, telephone or in person. Travel is an extra charge for location weddings. Popular dates can be booked up one year in advance sometimes, so book ahead to avoid disappointment!

Author: Rev. Josephine Egan. Published in Advance Magazine, June 2006

Flamenco for All People

Halifax Wedding Chapel and the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene has a special focus to serve children and teens in the community. We aim to bring quality non-sectarian programs that make educational, cultural, musical, creative and spiritual avenues accessible to young people and their families. Bursaries or subsidized flamenco lessons will be offered to youth requiring assistance.

This fall 2006, we are thrilled to have Maria Osende teach flamenco near the Armdale Rotary. We will offer flamenco/ballet for little ones age five to seven, flamenco for children eight to eleven and teenagers twelve to sixteen, and flamenco for adults. For info, scheduling or bursary applications, please visit www.halifaxweddingchapel.com/ole.html or contact Josephine Egan Tel: [902] 423.2651 or email: josephine@saintmarymagdalene.ca.

Author: Rev. Josephine Egan. Published in Parent-Child Guide, Back-to-School issue 2006